Tuesday, 14 January 2014



After a very quick prototype in DBP, I moved swiftly onto making the official integratable prototype for the main engine, which took about two hours. I then tested the module in the main engine, which worked almost immediately.

I then set about creating scripts for collecting ammo, health and weapons. Then player win zones and checkpoint trigger zones. It got to 6:45PM, my clocking off time, and I was just short of getting Checkpoints to work.

The great news is that the integration went very smoothly. Thanks to the DBP LUA plugin I could dive straight into the engine side of things and get stuff working. As you can see in the shots above, the script is very nice and readable, and you might start to pick out how you yourself might start coding some game logic.

Plenty more to do on Wednesday, with more scripts, more actions for sound effects, music, video playback (maybe) and of course clean up the source code to remove all traces of the old FPI system and entity members. I also need to build an internal test version on Wednesday as well so we have a few clear days of testing before the final release on the 17th.

The bottom line, and the grand finale of this blog post is that when you get your mittens on the ALPHA CASCADE version, you will be able to start writing LUA scripts and attaching them to your entities - hurray!


No walky today, but made a small bonfire and burned some cardboard, so that was fun! Pretty much the rest of the day given over to LUA scripting as above, it was an important and very serious bit of early work. No play today!


  1. awesome lee m8, I will be able to sound test my samples I made for reloaded users ;D and Lua now aswell should be very interesting alpha/beta this month :) cool...

  2. Great news Lee,been thinking about how you were getting on while i was at work today.Worth the wait.

  3. This will transform Reloaded - entities will have life!

  4. What file format would we be working with now?

  5. Please, please, PLEASE, create some sort of comprehensible and detailed guide to using LUA in FPSC-R. Most people didn't get the best out of FPSC classic as there was hardly any documentation on FPI scripting.

  6. Finally!!!!!! That's a REAL boost to FPSC:R
    thank you very very very very very much Lee, this is a GREAT piece of work. FPSCR will never look the same :D
    Now, i think it's time to start thinking about room blobs..

  7. Let's get a lot of scripts done and a basic how to sorted out before jumping to blobs and things I am all game for lua but with the promise or what I was lead to believe as hundreds of pre made script sorted before jumping ship. As like all past tgc projects if don't get done when on topic they get left and they start new software. No offence just true of what I experienced.

  8. Wow! Finally!!!!!! That's a REAL addition to FPSC:R
    thank you actual abundant Lee, this is a GREAT section of work. FPSCR will never attending the same.
    Manual Fpi System