Sunday, 5 January 2014

More Waves In Wales


Not 30 minutes away is my local town, and at the same time I was making my own video of the welsh waves, this was happening in Barmouth.

The Last Inn is a great place to eat and drink, now about two foot underwater in this video. I really hope they get back on their feet after this crazy weather!

Played a little Crysis 2 yesterday to absorb some FPS features. Not as immerse as Bioshock but more sophisticated when it comes to tactical weapons, and worth adding to my list of FPS mentors!


It's the weekend, so nothing official!  I did activate my 'newer' PC system which went loony last year and have confirmed the disk error is no longer happening, so I have tentatively moved some project backup areas there and tried a few compiles.  Not strictly Reloaded progress, but it does provide a haven if the worst happened to my main 'older' machine.  Technically, I am calling it work ;)


  1. "P.S. Welcome to my much reduced blog post format! Zero waffle edition ;)"

    haha.. didn't last long did it! ;D

    1. "haha.. didn't last long did it! ;D"

      A good thing, me thinks! :D