Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Gun Work


Started at 9AM and still at it 11:20PM. I had planned to clock off at 7PM to have a regular day (so I can get up again in the morning), but development is a real nag sometimes. Gotta finish!  Just going to make a small build and get it sent off and then I am done done done. And check the LOD fix works, then I am DEFINITELY done done. I hope.

Today I worked on more engine tweaks, and also some legacy support for weapons, allowing things like gun jamming, gun melee and accurate iron-sights to work properly.  Got the scope graphic working better and added some extra HUD visibility controls. Spent a good chunk of time just replying to emails, and that's not a case of 'Hello, blah blah' replies, they require me to go into source code, do stuff, write a LONG email sometimes and then onto the next one.

As you may have learned, we got the STEAM GREEN LIGHT yesterday which means we have the potential to reach a LOT of users in 2014. To that end we are going to bring in some extra help to sort out the Steam integration while I remain focused on the core engine. For a run-down of what you can expect, check out the recent NEWS bulletin here:

As you can see, I have a tall order to fill which means I require the minimum of distraction for the next few weeks. Let's hope I can escape to my cave and get it all done in time.


Gave the dog a walk, ate a salad and checked out my new pair of shoes (the old ones had about four holes in but boy were they comfy). Also got some new wellies just in case Wales decides to flood again!


  1. Brilliant progress!
    Glad its got greenlight :) And really looking forward to the next betas, looks like there's a lot to happen this month!

    1. Oculus Rift support coming WAY sooner than I anticipated - THANKS GUYS!!! I am one happy pledger - CAN'T WAIT!!!

  2. Thank you for 3D world editing!! Excited to see how it works:) Finally my nagging gave some results ;) The news for 1.0045 and 1.005 sounds very promising.

  3. Great work on getting greenlit, I just hope being so this early doesn't come back to bite you at the TGC. First impressions are everything.

  4. "accurate iron-sights to work properly"

    I hope by that you mean the ironsights are actually used to aim, rather than just bringing them up to your face but still using the crosshairs to aim, which is kinda dumb ;)

    Excellent work Lee :D