Friday, 3 January 2014

More UMDH Fun and Some Flooding


Found and filled in some more leakage, including some old Quad Reduction terrain stuff to save another 2MB per test game button press. Also found that each test game, all characters would be given 'new' weapons to hold, leaking the old ones into the background. This UMDH is pretty cool, allowing me to see every allocation and the stack trace responsible for those allocations in a single call, and then do a side by side comparison between snapshots any time I want. Pretty neat!  It's all command line stuff, but I'm happy there too. 

Will continue adding more and more to the test game scenarios until I have plugged all the large MB leaks. I am seeing LOTS of very small byte leaks with untraceable stack instructions buried in drivers I have nothing to do with, but I am ignoring those for now as it would take over 100 test game presses to leak a few MB as it stands now.  When we've solved bigger fish, we will come back to these little fish and see where they are coming from.


Had a flood today, first time in 30 years apparently. Here is a nice shot of my back garden path:

Who knows, one day this could be an FPSC Reloaded screenshot ;)  And here is another shot for the time we have destructible scenery.

To put this into context, all those stone pillars where upright yesterday, and had been since WW2!  As I had the privilege of being right in the middle of it, I decided to take a video of the culprit waves who were out in force this morning at 8AM.

The good news is that I did not float away, the power and internet stayed on and apart from a few close calls, the flood water made it's way 'around and under' my house instead of through it. One advantage to having a house on stilts me thinks ;)


  1. Can't you just raise the terrain with a mouse click? :-) Glad TGC Wales survived the New Year storms. Back up your software Lee and save OFF SITE!!!

  2. ahhh you live on the ocean :) :)

    I was about to compliment your graphics there 'till I saw they were photos. I have seen graphics like that from ray-tracers (I'm a big proponent of natural rendering).

    That UMDH sounds like a nice tool! With repeated command-line use, it'd be easy to make a batch file or two. Have you considered writing your own memory management class?

    I did that several years ago for my own library, because I was always getting hit by memory leaks (and I noticed this was the norm for most programmers). Since writing my own MemoryClass, memory leaks are a rare thing for me now. When they do occur, they're usually quick to jump out and bite me in the ass, so this makes spotting them, tracking them down, and fixing them easy and fast. There's also so much repetition that need be done with memory management (such as initializing, defaults, resetting, setting, freeing, working with groups, working with complex structures and multi-dimensional arrays, etc), and I've automated all that in my MemoryClass. I hardly ever write a class without instantiating it first thing in the constructor.

  3. I also scrolled down and thought that was a FPSCR screenshot then ;)

  4. Crazy weather this week... I'm here in Canada and we are experiencing -40C windchill and something called Freeze Quakes which are like Earthquakes. So cold here right now and windy >.<

  5. I'm glad your house wasn't flooded, just underneath it :)

    Awful weather here in Australia. I can't speak for all of it, but where I live it's stinking hot with a hot dry breeze. Not pleasant at all. Luckily the dryness of it all means our evaporative coolers are working well :D Just about to head off to the pool for a swim with my siblings :)

  6. Those waves are a scary sight! Good thing the breakwater lessened the impact that it didn’t almost get to your house. It's too bad about your garden, though. Hopefully you're able to restore it to its former glory.

    Gail Wallace