Friday, 31 January 2014

Beta Imminent - Start Your Stopwatches


Another good day of Core tweaks:

Jump doesn't always work
When running on a bumpy terrain you can trigger a hurt sound. This should not happen (it's not that painful!)
Water splash plays when you are clearly not near the water
Sometimes when fall from great height, it does not hurt at all

Also lots of testing, which fortunately did not bring up any new issues, which is always nice. My aim is to start the final beta upload(s) before midnight so you all you UK users will be expecting a download around 3AM if you are still up by then :) US users have a more civilized download time of 9PM (ish).


From Saturday I am away for a week to recharge the old batteries. My idea of a recharge is to throw myself off mountains at some speed (whilst conducting research into physics and terrains).

During that time I encourage you to bash the ballast from the beta and have some juicy feedback for me on my return, when I will continue working on Core features. That is, if I make it back ;)


  1. Wow that sounds nice..
    Have Fun. and stay save


    Harry Wever

  2. Nice work on the beta Lee :D
    I keep thinking these pictures are screenshots from Reloaded for a few seconds... :P

  3. I was about to activate all your BETA links when I found a show stopper, so I, er, stopped the show. New installer made and tested, upload started again so I should be ready to try again in 2 hours (2AM GMT UK). Gives me two more hours of testing ;)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Sound's good :)

      By the way, what time-zone is your blog set to? Although not really important... but for me its saying you posted that at 16:18 and I'm confused if its my Google settings doing it or local blog settings?

      Also have fun on your very-well-deserved holiday!

  4. LOL - I think I broke my refresh key!! All kidding aside, have a great vacation and thanks for the hard work and early Rift support!

  5. Enjoy your holiday. Don't try any Bond maneuvers! Still waiting for the update, but will probably catch the update tomorrow by the looks.

  6. Update is up - grabbing it now!

  7. Unfortunately my Rift excitement has been haulted for the evening - I keep receiving the following error whenever I try and run in editor or run a saved game:

    runtime error 7023 - limb does not exist on line 27680

    This occurs with rift or non-rift executions?

    1. I've had this issue. Nothing to do with Rift, I don't have one :( It's a problem with an entity. Deleting the DBO object and the BIN file might work. It's definitely an issue with an object you are using, some old models seem to cause this error.

  8. * Jumping into water doesn't make a sound, only when you walk into it.
    * The blood hud doesn't seem to always go/fade away.
    * Objects sometimes fall right through the terrain in some cases.
    * When I opened the Stand Alone game it started me inside the terrain.

    Just a few things I noticed right away

  9. ERROR: corrupt fpm file?

    Is there a simple fix?

  10. I have the problem with runtime error 7023 - limb does not exist on line 27680, too

    Is there something we can do fast?

  11. While I uninstalled 1.45 alpha - I did not delete everything in the folder. One I unistalled everything and deleted the folder first - everything is now working.

  12. I can second space123321. Once I uninstalled and deleted everything from 1.45 alpha then installed the newest beta, everything is working now.

  13. Finally got working after extensive deleting and uninstalling.Did a quick map to test and whilst I'm getting good frame rates ,walking and running has been dramatically slowed.Is this on purpose.Also has anyone tried any old entities since update before I start installing them.Thanks.

  14. Just to amend last comment I have realized you can set player speed.I cant wait for segments to be developed as well as some cool animations like fire/smoke etc.All in all coming together nicely.

  15. I think most issues here are caused by old entity files. You need to delete any old DBO and BIN files from your entity folders. This will ensure Reloaded re creates them in the correct format for this release.
    I have also found an issue where Reloaded seems to get stuck loading a previous build, and simply refuses to work. Normally if you can close the message screen off using the x in the top right corner of the message box, and then reload a level that works, that will fix it.
    Hopefully work will continue unabashed now Lee has had some Skiing fun ( I would call it torture, not that I have ever been able to go Skiing, lol). I think this update suffered a little with the deadline and perhaps needed a couple more days testing. I'm always willing to test early builds by the way :) If you need specific things testing!

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