Thursday, 30 January 2014

Into The Core


Core tweaks today - took over 12 hours:

Dialogue box now says "Saving your game as standalone..."
Grass now follow terrain changes
Added message when exiting edit mode  "Saving Level Changes..."
Removed the SHIFT Cascade shadow Map View
Freeze enemy animations when in Edit mode
If no changes made, make exit from edit quicker
Add a resource meter to Reloaded so users can see the affect of adding too many entities.
Warn users when memory is low and fragmented. Graceful restart with saving.
Enemy health is taken into account when you try to kill them
Weapons no longer point through walls
Gun reload no longer shows a left arm on pistol weapon
Cross hair has a 2nd image when pointed at water no longer
Entity loader reverts to legacy mode of culling entities (CULLMODE for FPE)
Added punch1 thru punch3 sounds when characters punch and kick player

Improved water edge detection so player triggers correct sound when in shallow water


  1. Looking forward to the next beta :)

  2. Will there be a day and night system ??

  3. Day/night system would be cool, so as inventory and basic quest/reward system:) hope they will come soon...because i've got big plans with fpsc reloaded.

  4. There are some more essential core areas to work on, namely more script commands which in turn may allow some quest systems to be created. As many users would say, no sense having a day and night if there is nothing to do in either ;)

    1. I'm looking forward to see new script commands in action:) and also this thingy called construction kit...maybe it will be something like in udk? It was simple to create everything there...:)

    2. Give us a whole set of inventory commands to accommodate a whole range of game style's inventories + interactable GUI's for puzzles too.


      I beg you.

  5. BETA 1.005 is now available to download for all pledgers! I'm going on holiday now, have fun you lot! When I return, I will be working on core functionality, performance and memory stability for all of Feb. You know it makes sense ;)

    1. Thankyou!

      Make sure you have fun and relax on your holiday! :D Get plenty of exercise so you'll be refreshed and ready when you get back :) And of course.... break a leg! :P