Monday, 20 January 2014

Room Blob Gets A New Name


Now the alpha is out the door, aside from a few tweaks reported promptly by the community, I am full steam ahead on the beta release due out to all pledgers for the end of the month.

In order to triple up the amount of work being done on Reloaded, I created a small prototype for a third party coder to start work on what we used to call the Room Blob system. We are now calling it the Construction Kit, and will be integrated directly into the 3D Editing Mode and allow you to make all sorts of cool structures very quickly and easily. This skeleton prototype will allow the final module to slot nicely and smoothly into the main engine and allow me (and you) to test it out and give it a spin. 

I can also report the latest fixes for the BlitzTerrain module are looking great, meaning no more occasional holes in the terrain. Of course testing on this issue will be continual until it becomes a topic of nostalgia. There is also a hidden gem in the latest version of the code which allows flat areas of terrain to be reduced to just two polygons, but we will implement that when the time is right (and the rather aggressive schedule allows).

I have also unpacked the Rift hardware to give the already implemented Oculus Virtual Reality module a test run. I will need to make a few tweaks to ensure the VR simulation feels good when playing the game level as standalone, and I anticipate this to only take a day.


As it was Monday, and my weekend was strictly non-PC, there was PLENTY of email backlog, lots of work and not much time to walk so I will have to walk double on Tuesday.  The good news is that I walked 9 miles yesterday which means I can get away with skipping a day.

On a personal note, it was great to read the LUA PDF on the forums today, and one coders journey into learning the scripting language. I think we made the right choice using LUA, and I am looking forward to providing a few more key commands and some more advice for the next beta version.


  1. I cannot wait for the new beta. I still have problem with the LOD distance for the entities. I have deleted all BIN files and I have something like that into the FPE File:

    ;LOD System
    disablebatch = 1
    lod1distance = 1500
    lod2distance = 2500

    It still does not work however. LOD is loading too close of the player.

  2. Great work Lee. I've been looking forward to an integrated system that allows us to create our own structures and texture them. I'm hoping it will take the form of various 'primitive' models (cubes, cylinders, arches etc.) that can be 'bolted' together and grouped to create a new entity that can then be moved and scaled. If it's as basic as that then I (and a lot of other users I'm sure) will be happy - if it's more advanced than that then even better! Keep up the great work :-)

    1. As far as I know, it won't be like that. You'll place rooms and then stretch and shape the walls, and add things like windows, doors and decorations.

  3. And another backflip for the Rift!!!! I can't wait!

  4. Hi Lee,
    I have released the current version of my Steam plugin on the forums:

    However, in case you want the source code too, I have emailed it to Rick.

  5. Are you talking about something like this:

    If so; you almost seem to allude to creating something similar to Torque's Constructor, found here:

    The Room Blob/Construction Kit would have to be rather robust, to create something other than a simple room or hallway...especially when approached from the outside of the structure. Looking forward to hearing more about this.