Thursday, 16 January 2014

Meeting Day


Most of the day was taken up with a meeting, but it was very productive and allowed the internal team to create a small road map of what feature details are going into the next beta at the end of the month, and the beta after that. It's an ambitious schedule (as usual) so I don't be mentioning the specifics here (or I will be cabbaged when I fail to deliver half of the items), but you can be assured of getting more scripts and script commands in the big beta, and the ability to create standalone executables. Plenty more of course but those two are the ones I am eager to see ticked off, so you can (a) create lots of cool game logic and (b) show what you've made to your friends.

A few more key additions to the 3D Editing Mode on Friday and then plenty of testing ahead of the final release to all GOLD pledgers. I think you will like..


Did not get a chance to walk today, once I got back from the meeting, it was emails, then a conference call, then this blog and then it was pitch black outside. I will be making sure I walk twice as far on Friday!  Today's meal was NOT a steak, it was a FISH WITH NO HEAD ON ;)


  1. Sounds good Lee,cant wait.

  2. I was thinking about destructible environments, first person editing and LUA, and figured out that if you allowed editing to be scriptable via LUA, then you would have the beginnings of deforming the landscape in-game...

    1. You must bear in mind that the landscape is height-modifiable only, so if you have visions of creating caves or any kind of mining systems, you're going to be disappointed.

    2. Oh ok that would work fine.