Tuesday, 24 June 2014

You've Been Zombified

Had some fun today lining up the Rocket Launcher to the cool Rocket Man character that will soon be firing flaming missiles at anything that moves. Took a few attempts but he can retrieve his launcher like a trooper now. He is not connected to the rest of his animations, or the rest of the animations he will need to perform all the actions required for a Rocket Man, nor is he connected up to a special script, but the project is certainly rolling along nicely and it should not be too long before you see some action.

I also found time to add some more character variants to the default asset library in anticipation of the level demo we are working on.

In addition to a special Ops character we have zombified the soldiers as well in case you wanted a little undead flavor to your scenes.  The reasons why these variations where created will be revealed in forthcoming blogs so stay tuned!

We've also made some headway with the standalone title system (proper integrated graphics) and encryption to ensure your models and textures cannot be stolen from the executables produced with FPSC Reloaded.  For those concerned that we're spending too much time on standalone and not enough on core engine tech, I can assure you that there is as much happening inside the engine as in the final deployment.

We've also decided to re-design the FLAK system and bring it up to modern day standards, and taking the opportunity to ensure the system can cater for the many uses we will need it for including grenades, projectiles, mines, C4 explosive charges and pretty much anything else that moves or goes BOOM!

Also, some good news, my headache has gone. Phew!  Just in time for a Hangout Interview at 6PM GMT today, and I hope to be able to share a link of the video once it has been recorded and edited.  It will be a brief talk about FPSC Reloaded and our ambitions for the product, and hopefully not too much rambling from me!  Speaking of which, time for me to sign off...


  1. Looking forward to the multiplayer and standalone changes (: this is starting to become one hell of a engine !!

  2. Excellent!! Loving the sound of all of that, particularly about the flak system (very excited to see what happens there)! And I know a lot of people wanted the media encryption (though I've personally never been so fussed), so that's also very good.

    Glad your headache's gone too. Never pleasant trying to stare at a screen when you're screwing up your eyes with every pulse.

  3. I am really liking your progress, but I am just wondering why does it seem the engine is so far away from all the features we were promised in the kickstarter? As of right now I am working on another engine as it seems this one has a long way to go before any complete game can be made. Why such a delay, I thought this was supposed to be ready around December 2013. I understand how this stuff takes time I am just wondering.

  4. It's the nature of development with a small team, and along the way we have shifted the order from the original failed kickstarter to suit the immediate needs of the crowd-funding community who pledged directly. Creating a 3D engine and user-facing too is no small potato ;)

    1. You're doing 10x better since you expanded to three programmers! It's always helpful to have someone to bounce ideas off and get feedback from and it seems to be working a treat for the quality and modernisation of the engine :D

  5. For a small development team like yours I am impressed with what I am working with now. I am looking forward to blowing some stuff up with the new flack system. Lee I must say...If this is the quality of the product we get when you have a headache then I can't wait to see when you are feeling good and maybe have had a pint or two.