Friday, 20 June 2014

Another Packed Week

Plenty of stuff done this week, with great work done on cover AI making the enemies look very smart, that is, they hide behind stuff so they don't get shot.  Ravey has been confined to continue this AI work until we are beyond the goal post for making a great game play experience.

For myself I have been knocking a few things off the list, and putting more focus on general game logic tweaks and improvements. We have a new marker called Cover Zone which you can place behind any object in the game, and the AI will use these as clues as to the best places to hide when attacking the player.  The automated AI system also calculates the best cover positions from the overall geometry too so you get the best of both world.

Also got a cool email from our Character artist with a sneak peek at a new official character, and after using the same Solider for months and months, I am sure you will be tugging at the leash for this one.

As you can imagine, our newly named Rocket Man Character will be wielding a huge rocket launcher as his preferred weapon, which means rockets, explosions, explosion forces, debris, smoke particles and fire.  As you might imagine I am looking forward to starting this work!!

Aside from some tinkering at the weekend, my work for Monday will be finishing off the title pages system to wrap standalones with the required title, loading, end pages, options menus and the various screens you need to make a game rounded and feel complete.

Until then however, I am putting my tools away and walking into the baking sun to see what the outside world looks like...


  1. Watch out for that baking sun! You are far better off keeping in the shade and working on Reloaded ;)
    Progress has been great over the last month and I look forward to the new additions! The new character looks great! I would ask though for some civilian types also, maybe some scientists and such :) so not everyone in the level is someone you need to shoot on sight!
    Oh one last thought. When asking opinions of what people though for my compo level, I got told the health needed to be nicely rounded at 100. At the moment that is difficult to achieve, as you can get over the max when picking up health, or you can set a recovery level, then it maxes out but has the gamebreaking sit and wait for health to recover mechanic in there which is not good for some games. Even if you set it really low, you tend to wait around anyway lol. So, perhaps a percentage system could be used instead/ or optional so 100% is full health, whatever it may be. Also, lol, at some point remember to add in reverse y axis controls for those who like to play an fps titles in a flight sim style. I remember spending ages on a classic fps level, and the main comment was great! But how do I change the mouse controls?

    Excellent work so far! Things are moving at a pace now!

    1. Reverse MOUSE?!?! Seriously?! I play with inverted right stick on consoles, but never in a million years would I think anyone would invert a mouse!

    2. Amazingly, yes, lol. Some people actually like it inverted. Just the Y axis of course.

  2. Oh, so you are adding in menu stuff now? Probably means I don't need to add in much to my intermediate solution for now then? Ah, well, lol, better to have a proper intro and such anyway! Despite my best efforts, I haven't managed to make the transition from menu to game as smooth as would be liked!

  3. @ Glenn I have to put in it would have to be an option to display percentage as some types of games lean towards big numbers, think borderlands 2,

    Can't wait for explosions fire and smoke :)

  4. WOW. BIG props to your character artist!! That looks freakin' amazing! This is truly the FIRST character I am actually excited to use in Reloaded. I was less than impressed with the quality of some of the zombies, and that soldier guy was getting old, but this...oh, I am seeing possibilities in this one! I just LOVE that half-way-scifi look!

  5. The Zombies are actually just a repaint/recycling of the zombie packs for fpsc classic but thats fine. Am more excited to get projectile weapons and smoke/debris.
    Lookin forward to it.

  6. I agree with Clonkex, the zombie models were less than inspiring. They looked like they were from a game 10 years ago. These new character models however really look like they belong in a modern game. Well done!

  7. I pretty much agree word for word with Clonkex's and Bhanshee's statements! Really looking forward to the Character Creator you guys have planned. I think it was one of the top voted wanted features on that survey a couple months ago. Any news on the progress on it?

  8. As always,looks good.I was always in in for the long trip.I will enjoy watching reloaded grow and enjoy playing with the diferent builds.Nice work guys .