Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Blog With Video

If you are offended or upset by inferior tech videos, please do not read this blog post today. It is reserved for those readers who appreciate some low-level tech gubbins in their soup.  Although most of the day was given over to solving some pretty gnarly tweaks, the one I am pleased about is the one that will allow all the competition entries AI system to work.  Seems that any level that was based on an island (land surrounded completely by water) would create HUGE obstacles and prevent the character waypoint and movement system from working. I thus resurrected my water obstacle calculation prototype and got it to work in chunks rather than as a whole which solved the problem. I also created a video showing the 'chunking' in action.

Impressive I know! This process happens at the back end each time you press Test Level but much MUCH faster than what you see in the video which has to visually represent what is happening for debugging and video purposes.

I was also on the verge of figuring out the fix to ensure that when you save and load about 50 times, the lower right corner of the terrain does not shift it's paint markings.  As it's ten minutes to six and my walk is in ten minutes time, I just had enough time to write this blog and ensure when I resume Thursday I know where I left off.

No blog post on Wednesday as I will be away from the office doing non-PC type things, but will be back with a vengeance on Thursday to finish what I did today and start on footfall audio and smoke particles ;)


  1. would be cool if we could have multiplayer level editing .

    1. ... you mean like minecraft? :/

  2. "one I am pleased about is the one that will allow all the competition entries AI system to work"

    Great news Lee, cheers!

  3. The video choices when your video were ended were hilarious! I had to pick between "The pretender pencil" or "what is electricity"...

    Would that same issue relate to why the enemies in my level were happy to walk on the sea/riverbed? (overlapping no-go-zones or something?)

  4. Glad to see explosions are on the menu, rag doll physics also :) Lets face it we all want rocket launchers or grenades! At least for some game types! Still, explosions are useful at any point :)

  5. Nice to hear on the progress, As you may have read on the forums I over come all issues from way points and AI issues, by extending one part of the island to a far side of the map build boarder though I did have to calculate the position.
    I would like to ask about any type of batch processing for scripts of some sort?
    My map had over 17 scripts not including AI and had to reduce it down in number or I had random results. Cheers, keep up the good work!