Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Your Pledges At Work

Plenty work on occlusion, level design, those annoying little tweaks and of course my task of the day which turned out to be tree collision. At one end of the day I was fixing an issue with a level running out of memory when the Test Level button was pressed, but it turned out to be VERY hungry trees. My first fix to remove the overzealous visibility geometry for the AI on trees brought memory usage on the test level I was using from 1.5GB to 750MB. Not bad right?  Well my second stint at improving the tree collision and AI obstacles for them improved performance and memory use further, plus sped up the Test Level process step. Not bad for 9 hours graft.

My title however does not refer to this blood'n'sweat routine which you guys get for free on a daily basis, it is in reference to some new artwork that has come in for one of our future updates and I really had to share:

I will keep the reasons a bit dark to preserve some suspense here but we have decided to turn our soldier guy into a few rotting Zombies, complete with scripts.  As you can see, they would also work as stealth ninja soldiers, ghost operatives soaked in someone else's blood or anything from the spirit realm. More on what WE plan to do with them in future blogs ;)

My plan for Wednesday is to start (and finish) my VERY LOW shader slider technique and grab some more FPS from the ether.  I also have my live interview with Intel at 8PM BST as well so do check that out if you can. Live questions are possible too, so you're chance to corner me with a cruel question if you like.  For now, day light is running out and I've not eaten, walked, or looked away from this damn monitor for 9 hours solid so I think I will try to cap off my work now and do something completely different...


  1. Tree collision! Hahahaha!! If a tree fights another tree when no one's looking, did a fight really take place? :D Your speaking of trees reminded me of a film idea I had years ago that was inspired by a particular tree near where I lived. I was gonna film it, make a 3D model of it, and animate it. It would be chasing people down the street and such.

    Anyway... It sounds like you're using a more specific collision system that box collision around the trucks for example. One idea came to mind that may or may not have anything to do with your design here. But what about using a bounding-box collision system system around complex objects? Then when the player or some other colliding objects comes into proximity, switch over to the specific collision shapes for that object? The idea is to not do complex calculations until they will actually get used. Now that I think about it, you're probably doing all sorts of things like that already.

    Cool to see the zombiing of characters. In mid-game, perhaps a person could morph a model (or textures) between two others, as the changes are taking place after being bitten.

  2. Can you please please fix the characters so they actually hold the gun so it's not floating randomly in the air?

  3. Nice work on the level size reduction! That should make a big difference! Not to forget the extra speed you mentioned.