Friday, 27 June 2014

Ragdoll - Two Days

With the help of some licensed code, I have managed to create the ragdoll feature for the characters in just under two days.  I am still compiling the final tweaks but it's gone 7PM and I really want to eat and chill very soon.

I also want to show you the latest art from our Rocket Man collection! Awesome or what!  I am hopeful to get this guy in the engine and firing his rockets next week which will be a great week me thinks!

Just to show you a typical day in the life of my inbox, all this appeared within 60 minutes as I was attempting to focus on my ragdoll coding!  Now multiply that throughout the day and weeks and you can appreciate the constant battle with distractions and managing the project as a whole.

I still need to do a build and get it uploaded for later, but my brain cannot stop thinking about food so I might eat for an hour then return for an evening shift.  My first run of the integrated ragdoll was less than 100% successful. The debug capsule ragdoll fell properly, but the character model just animated a death as usual. A few more tweaks and we will be there!

One issue is that the current models have 'scaled origin matrices' which are ignored during the ragdoll manipulation. This results in head bones expanding and re-creating the teeth ten times larger, funny but undesirable. 

More work to do before this Friday is done, but I will get this blog posted now and get some munch!  Hopefully I can return recharged to sort out the scattered limbs and put Humpty back together again!


  1. Great work lee,enjoy your meal.All work and no play,you no what i mean.

  2. That third email sounds really intriguing...

  3. Most of them sound good to me, lol. My top picks, almost word for word.

    Hi Lee, I am ready to integrate the explosion system..

    Bitch12 ? Okay, not that interesting but worth pointing out lmao.

    The SVN hunt for this black screen issue, this is AAA for me, and should I be working on this now?. I see black screens regularly so want this fixed as well! Yes you should be working on it ;)

    Character creator. I really like what they have done. Cool, no news for this in awhile and I'm sure many are champing at the bit for news of any kind ;)

    All sounds good stuff.

  4. Can't wait for explosions. Also looking forward to standing fire and smoke if possible. Which I think were decals in x9. Curious how they would be done in Reloaded. Particles?

  5. Woah, that's some seriously messed up ragdolling there!! :P Poor guy looks as though he's been in a pharmacy explosion!

    Loving the work so far, particularly glad that Rick seems happy with the character creator as that's something that would have been easy to stuff up. Can't wait to see some new explosions and flaks happenings! :)