Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Successful Launch Of V1.0071

All in all, pretty pleased with the early feedback of the official release of V1.0071 HOT FIX. Performance improvements reported, and improvements in a range of areas. Far from the final version still, but a step in the correct direction to be sure.  Also put out a live poll today to see if the community would accept a radical re-imagining of the HIGH and HIGHEST settings of the terrain shader. Here is the comparison screen from the forum post:

And here is what I want to turn HIGH and HIGHEST into, removing the detail map which was a throwback from an early version to defeat tiling at extreme heights.

And finally, here is the POLL site which shows the current score.


As you can see, an overwhelming support for the new cleaner look. Now the question remainsm is it fair on the four pledgers who don't want it changed? We'll watch as this subject develops!

The rest of my day was spent in Zombieland, teaching them to walk, talk, eat brains and the usual drill of tests to ensure they acquit themselves well in the combat arena.  Just waiting on some death animations and then they will be ready for roll out, that is, to get the variations in and tested.  I have used a mixed zombie moan sound and a modified melee strike for close quarters combat but time will tell if these audio sounds remain.

Crazy day today, with great sun then showers, then more sun, e.t.c.  Going to snatch my chance in the next 30 minutes to walk the doggy and remove a carb from a 50 HP outboard.  Apparently no self respecting marine engineer will touch my 35 year old engine - I will leave you to draw parallels on that ;)


  1. lee? Im having issues installing v1.0071 it just sits there in the installer doing nothing. Not sure what the issue is. It says error issue adding ink to start menu. and just keeps trying over and over and failing.

  2. We have a support mail system on the TGC forum. You can find help there ;)

  3. Thank you so much! I appreciate you taking time to write back, I know you are very very busy creating this amazing engine. (: I wil check the mailing system on the forums.

  4. No way your cheapening the product. At least give good working machines the potential to be more than a minecraft reloaded. The 2 shots differ big time and of course the lower specs want less as they can't go higher so makes no difference to them. I ob the other hand like the added benefit of high detail. And more so lower end will vote for less through a little manipulation of jealousy maybe. I think it is backwards. But why not make it spectrum standards then all happy :) I say no unless a new shader is ready

  5. We need another hotfix immediately. I reported a bug on the forums that is a major issue that needs resolving immediately. If you have too many scripts, even if they just include an empty main function, the system hangs on Initializing Physics and ultimately reverts back to the editor and restoring the last saved state. And I'm not even talking about a lot of scripts, but just 25-30. And empty scripts at that. This is serious.

  6. A tip on scripts, make sure you include an _INIT in your script, similar to _MAIN. So it would be function myscript_init(e) just above the function myscript_main(e). This might solve your issue.

  7. I will try that Lee, thanks, and doing so, I am confirming Tom Scott in his script lamentations. Right now it crash for me after around 12th scripts...

  8. I got upto 17 total before a crash but that was on a blank flat map with just 1 script type.. 18 crashes 17 works. not tried this init line yet though tbh

  9. Are these custom scripts, or stock ones? If stock, can you send me an FPM which holds all the scripts so I can see the crash myself, thanks!!

  10. I tried you suggestion now at preparing dynamic lights window I get my occlusion script error: script\occlusion2.lua:28 'end' expected (to close 'function' at line 11) near . Line 11 is where the new inti function lives, so looks like we are missing code, or wrong syntax...

  11. Send me the script, I like looking at user scripts, very educational!!

  12. The init fixes my issue so thanks for the tip. I've been using init in a lot of scripts already, but didn't realize it was required to work properly. I don't think I saw that written up anywhere. Anyway, it has saved the day and I'm passing it on to everyone on the forums so they can fix their own issues.

  13. This is the script from smallg with the added init function. It works splendidly for occlusion, and gives me much faster frames rate. Only the new function is not working. Perhaps I did something wrong:

    -- LUA Script - precede every function and global member with lowercase name of script + '_main'
    -- Player Enters occlusion Zone

    --set veiw range here (anything beyond this range will be invisible while player is inside the 'zone'
    local distance = 2000
    --set this to the (e) value of your startmarker
    local startmarkerE = 1460
    --anything below this HP will not be shown (i.e. markers for zones)
    local health_limit = 2

    function occlusion9_init(e)
    function occlusion9_main(e)
    for a = 1, 51999 do
    if g_Entity[a] ~= nil then
    PlayerDX = g_Entity[a]['x'] - g_PlayerPosX;
    PlayerDY = g_Entity[a]['y'] - g_PlayerPosY;
    PlayerDZ = g_Entity[a]['z'] - g_PlayerPosZ;
    PlayerDist = math.sqrt(math.abs(PlayerDX*PlayerDX)+math.abs(PlayerDY*PlayerDY)+math.abs(PlayerDZ*PlayerDZ));
    if g_Entity[a]['health'] >= health_limit and a ~= startmarkerE then
    if PlayerDist < distance then
    end --end distance check
    end --end HP check
    end --end nil check
    end --end for loop
    end --end function

  14. OopsI think I just forget to add and 'end'

  15. Let me know if you still need me to look at it. Remember; NESTING is your bestest friend!!

  16. sorry... looks like this is working. Thanks so much Lee