Monday, 9 June 2014

Almost Ready To Release the HOT FIX

Getting good vibes from the internal alpha testers, so it looks like a public release is imminent. Have been making small tweaks (carefully) and also working on the new Zombie system which primarily will allow us to release the Zombie Pack at some future point but also to help support the idea of customizable characters.  

Right now the Zombie menace just stand idle, respond when you get close, lurch very slowly towards you, swipe and deal player damage if they hit you and continue to hound you until you run out of range. They do not respond to being shot and cannot die, nor do they control their animation speed as much as they need to, but more animations are on the way and the work begins on completing the Zombie system bit by bit.

Performance is up, final testing is underway and expect a V1.0071 HOT FIX very soon!  I've been to the forums and made some posts, wrote this blog and made it live so now is the time for me to make a nice cup of Budweiser and sit in the sun for an hour before my ritual walk.


  1. The Hot Fix is the only thing that might save the competition. Hope it's not too late ;-(

  2. Lee just wondering are you guys considering adding the effect of legs to the camera? IT would look very cool and add a little realism and make you feel more (in the game). YOu mve the camera down and see your legs running under you . If you're not familiar with this effect watch some good old battlefield gameplay. (:

  3. zombies should die if shooted at head ;)

  4. No plans for legs at the moment. Zombies will die, and I can get the head-shot working no problem...I think I will do that today :)

    1. Zombies could trick the player.. i mean, if you shoot at head they will die, but if they take some shots (not at head) they could fall to ground and simulate death.. when player look at "trick dead" zombie nothing happen, but when player give away and do not look at the "trick dead" zombie, then the zombie should stand up and attack the player from back.. i think could be a funny ai for zombies :)