Monday, 30 June 2014

If It's Not One Thing

Having got rid of my splitting headache last week, I now have a splitting back ache this week. Looks like I cannot win :(  Had our monthly strategy meeting today to re-align where we've been, where we are and where we are going. Made some small adjustments to the release dates and internal plans and are ready for a solid week of work to get a build solid and ready for some close testing.

As I found it more comfortable to stay in my chair, I got extra work done today and knocked quite a few niggles off the task list, leaving the fun stuff for Tuesday, which includes Rockets, Particle Trails and BIG explosions.  Not that Monday was without it's interesting moments, specifically the fine tuning of the ragdoll system was pretty good fun.

Perhaps the most interesting was the addition and support of the _I texture map in the entity shader which will allow anyone with illumination texture maps to have them working in the Reloaded HIGHEST entity shader.  It's coded so there are plenty channels left in the texture slot so in the future we could do things like reflection cube map references, or something more funky like a oscillating illumination/displacement map, e.t.c.

Also added some new player and pistol sound effects to see if we could raise the bar a little more. Needs a teams ear now to see if we hit the mark or if we need to return to the drawing board.

Also work commences on the character animations for Rocketman, and some small bits work on looking for better ways to render entities in the scene but this is no high priority. The goal for this week will be to create a great game play experience with what we have so far, and if we pull it off, we should have a real PISTOL vs ROCKET fest which should make for an interesting game!


  1. I Cant Wait For The Next Alpha GO FPS CREATOR RELOADED!!!!

  2. WOW. Somehow in the hustle and bustle of life I forgot about FPSCR. So many posts to read! Time to get started...