Thursday, 12 June 2014

Last Day Of My Week

Setting off early on Friday to do some more dreaded decorating. Only one more thrust and then it will be done (for a good while) so my weekend is pre-booked with 'normal life' stuff.  I've just finished making a build for an internal test and it's looking good with the new music sub-system in place and the characters and faux-characters ability to push dynamic objects out of the way and walk ON them instead of THROUGH them. This is especially important for characters who want to walk on roads, floors, pallets, e.t.c.  I am sure there are plenty of collision tweaks as a result of this major addition, and I also hope performance has not suffered. It did not appear so when I ran the two compounds level with the new character physics handling stuff.

In other news, my AMD card from eBay arrived today, and here is a picture of the box, which looks rather snazzy and very Reloaded themed:

Have no time to install it, but this Sapphire card will show me the performance metrics of an AMD vs NVIDIA, if any. I have had several reports that this card might not show any performance improvements based on the shader work I have been doing.  We will see!

Finally, I want to give a big shout to a new Kickstarter for something called Console OS. 

I am a big fan of the bleeding edge in technology, and you don't get sharper than what is by far the FASTEST Android platform on the planet! Here it is for your delectation, and I invite you to support this great OS:

My own interest relates to what Console OS can do for AGK in the months to come, as we add our top-end 3D and shader commands set to the language at which point there will be no such thing as too fast!


  1. Lee are you going to ever fix the gun placement in characters hands? It just seems to float randomly in air ..

  2. Hello!
    i didn't noticed you can go underwater :P
    for sure it's at embrional state.. would be better to see player's arms swimming instead holding weapon while under water ;)
    Please Lee, have a look at Far Cry (the first one) you can take nice suggestions :)

  3. @Andrew Figueroa - we're looking at this issue this week.
    @Juri Fossaroli - we do plan to do better swimming and underwater system, just later on