Monday, 23 June 2014

Oh The Pain - The Pain!

Thanks to my two days in the sun over the weekend I seem to be rewarded with a screaming headache on Monday. It has pretty much gone from bad to worse in the last few hours and now my mind is a dull thud of eye strain and throbbing cranium.  With my excuse in place, this blog will be short.

Finished the title page mechanism today so you can now move from title to loading, to options menu and game won page, and back again, and over and over, from the standalone executables produced. Just needs real art in there now, and probably some fine tuning for visual effect, but it's done.

Also got the characters to point their guns at you much better, with less smoothing code and more brute force player angle detection.  Works okay from my end but needs the litmus test of giving it to the internal team now.

Also started getting a new shader written called effect_basic which will allow static entities to have their textures animate for things like standing fire and smoke effects.

Also started the WEIGHT and FRICTION coupling code so that entities can be affected properly by the physics system when you tweak the values from the default mass=volume calculation. My first attempt was less than perfect with the crate I was experimenting on started rolling end over end off into the distance. Not the best of starts, but shows 'something' is happening ;)

Ravey conducted some key repairs to the AI obstacle system which will prevent characters 'trying' to run through solid objects, but the bulk of his day has been on the encryption system so that standalone executable media cannot be exploited by a third party.

Jumped about the forum to do some catch-up replies and a number of small tasks not specifically related to the task list, but all for the greater good. Now I'm going to switch off the PC and see if I cannot quiet my mind with a J.D & Coke and something to eat.

Okay, so maybe my blog was not as short as my 'throbbing brain' might have liked.  Also, as a tip, try not to drink four pints of milk and a pint of orange juice that's 12 months out of date while toiling for 10 hours in the baking sun. It might quench your thirst at the time, but illness is sure to follow!


  1. I did warn you about that sun, lol ;p

  2. Cool, what settings are you planning to include for the 'Options' menu by default? Screen resolution, controls, volume, shader quality?

  3. Just SOUND VOLUME menu for now, just getting the basic mechanism in place (as I am still working on game play, performance and stability at present).

  4. Awesome! Almost every blog post makes it sound like you're getting heaps done! THIS is the kind of progress we needed to be getting before the first release, but...well, I know it was mostly internal work before and, of course, you lacked any kind of help. Very pleased with the blog posts recently :D