Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Wednesday Reset

Early Night Reset

After failing to reset on Tuesday, I am trying again tonight to get an early night but the universe insists I stay up until I have build, then tested on multiple devices, then if I find a bug, fix it, the re-build, then test again on two devices, and rinse, and repeat.  As you can imagine, this could go on all night and there is no guarantee the app will stay unchanged the next day :)

It needs doing, but it's the sort of thing you simply cannot plan and budget for, and as I blogged a few nights ago I am just resigned to doing what fate dictates now. If that is for me to try and get early nights but the work don't let me, so be it.

Reloaded Progress

Fortunately, not all forces slumber in the land of Reloaded and a new improved explosion prototype hit my desk this evening, which I can share with you now.  Here is the latest video:

I am not happy with the smoke, but we're now getting a sense of 3D from our big bangs which is great!  We will continue tweaking graphics next week, and the prototype will go through a few more touches before we can sign it off until we have an opportunity to return and plug in customisations and associate them with game elements.  We're also adding some 'after-fire' too so watch out for that in a future prototype!

Signing Off

It's about 10:50PM now so fingers crossed I can get the last build tested to a 'certain level' of satisfaction and then get it dropped on the FTP so I can slope off and sleep.  I also have a huge amount of code I want to tweak this weekend for GDC which will be cutting it very close, but that's the way the coding cookie crumbles sometimes!


  1. Looks good to me though I would not want to get caught up in the explosion or hit by the debris eh!

  2. Impressive.
    But I noticed roughly cut edges of explosion when it contacting with walls and ceiling.

  3. When you walk through them do they look like turning paper? That was one issue ive always had when creating decals (particles).

    Looks good though :)

  4. What I like about Fallout is I have extracted all the media and such to see how the game works and with explosions and pretty much everything else they have at least 3 sound files for them. So that they randomly are choosen that way you dont hear the same sound file over and over which just sounds like an echo.