Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Tuesday Tractor Beam

That's No Moon

As fate would command, I am being inexorably pulled back into the AGK world with enough 'little jobs' to pretty much fill the day with.  New tweaks and niggles that makes sense for me to work on than to pass it on.  The great news is that the fresh week of bug reports are dramatically reduced to the point where it really does feel like ticking the last few boxes before the project can fly.  Fear not campers, I shall not abandon the people of Reloaded, and once the clock strikes AM, I stop where I am and don my FPSC gear.

More Lovely Artwork

To keep you happy, I have managed to wrestle another great video off Mark to show you, this time it is something you might find as you wonder through your newly moulded and grassy terrain.  A majestic waterfall.

What wonders will you hide behind this great looking edifice? A secret passage, lost treasure or the bones of an ancient water God who will emerge to do battle and counteract your flame thrower powers!

3:35AM : Ah Well

As it happens, the coding gods decreed that I should bury myself in tweaks and bugs of the AGK project for many hours after my prescribed cut-off point. The good news is that I have three new builds ready for testing out in the ether, which will buy me another full day Wednesday on Reloaded.

Signing Off

Unless apps starts exploding, I will make it a point to disregard any AGK distractions once I wake up later today, as I really was on a roll with the real-time light mapping and want to get it into the editor as soon as possible.  Until that faithful day, I bid thee well.

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