Friday, 22 March 2013

Friday Shortest Blog Ever

Short One Signing Off

As you may know, the UK is having it's fair share of weather today, and in my case I was up at 6AM untangling a 20 foot metal garage which decided to go for a walk when the wind storm hit.

Spent most of the day sorting out the havok during the day and backing up and sharing some source code in the evening so Paul can carry on coding while I am at GDC. Managed to sit down long enough to emails, but not much else.

Rick asked me to take a photo of the carnage, which would have been a good blog moment, but when you are knocking an eight foot piece of metal off an electricity cable with 1100 volts running through it, you tend to shift your priorities.  The good news is the violent winds are easing off a little now (2AM) and as my body only really got 4 hours sleep since Thursday, I am off to bed. The horrid news is that my plan to get some GDC demo polish work done today went out the window (and over the fence and nearly into the road) so that leaves Saturday for doing everything. Now that's going to be a day!


  1. Well, that doesn't sound good :(. Have fun at GDC next week! Also thanks for all your work and contributions to AGK, Paul as well. I was pleased to see Beta 9 released late last night.

  2. I'm guessing you didn't build a snowman then.

  3. I FINALLY get around to downloading Beta8 and one day later you upload Beta9! Are you TRYING to use up all my download? ;)

    Whatever you do, don't get fried! We all need you alive to finish off FPSC-R. You really should have taken a photo. Would've been so interesting to see what good strong Welsh wind can do to a garage. Oh well...

    Loving those new explosions. Except for the smoke, that is. Also, as a suggestion, get your explosion-creator to experiment with vertical explosions, sort of in the shape of an upside-down T (good for barrels and cars).

    Oh, that's what I was going to say: When were you born? In your "Thursday Birthday Eve" post you said you were turning 39, but due to your apparently random sleeping habits, I wasn't sure if it was the 14th or the 15th. The reason I ask is because it would be really cool (well, I think it would be anyway) if it was the 15th, because my birthday is the 15th of March of 1995 :) The way the world works it'll no doubt be the 14th, though...

  4. The good news is that the AGK projects are now fully finished. So once GDC is done Lee WILL be 100% on Reloaded when he returns.

  5. Excellent news!

    Is Lee at GDC right now? I have no idea when it's on.

  6. I am at GDC right now typing my reply from a welcome table and chair. This Expoing is hard work!

  7. Yet somehow I think you'll pull it off. ;)