Thursday, 14 March 2013

Thursday Birthday Eve

Tomorrow Is Another Day

A milestone in my personal history marks my 39th year on this insignificant little blue green planet, somewhere in the unremarkable end of the western spiral arm of the galaxy.  Top news this evening, my meal:

I had fillet steak, black pudding, mushrooms with cheese on, huge potato and an entire jug of sauce to drown it all in. One of my most favourite meals!

And What Happened

I drank lots of things, some red things and some brown things, and I am toasted. I don't feel at all sober, but I only have myself to blame. I am not so ballistically smashed to avoid writing my blog for the evening and I can report the lab down in Explosion Central is going well and we should have an almighty fiery mess by the end of next week :)

Signing Off

Despite being in no fit state, I have a job to do and just sorting out some more builds for Friday and then crawling back to my pit to curl up. Sorry for letting the side down, but the occasion of my birth was pressed upon me and I was too polite to complain. A big thanks to my Uncle who sent a very mushy card to me, very much out of character, cheers Malc!  Normal service will resume Friday thanks to the copious amounts of water I am forcing myself to drink. It's now 6AM and I've started the final upload of the evening (350MB app on test flight - ouch!)


  1. Happy Birthay, from Norway, Lee! I'm 39 too :-D Welcome to the club!

    1. Øystein, I was in Norway, Kongsberg, for the first time this week. Nice country!

  2. Lee, you deserved that break from your coding issues. I'll let you sleep long and well today and then you'll have to get back to the coal seam!

    Happy Birthday mate!


  3. I am now back at the seam and building up to full steam. One of my favourite places to ski in Norway, wide open spaces, no queues, modern facilities and the possibility of spotting the occasional Elk.

  4. That's among the most northern looking meals I've ever seen. All you'd need to top that off is some Newkie Brown and Michael Parkinson on the radio.