Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Tuesday Fly By

Quick Update

Just got in a new prototype of the explosion in real-time, complete with debris. Here is a you tube video of the proto app:

As you can see there is a little tearing on the smoke, but we plan to merge the visuals into a single unified shader which will blend this technique with everything else you see on screen. Really pleased how the debris worked out, and with a few more graphical additions and some small fires, and long burning smoke added, we'll have something worthy of Reloaded fame!

Signing Off

As per my plan to get increasingly early nights to restore the body block, going to call it an early midnight and get some sleep. The short blog might come as a welcome relief to the usual tirade of waffle you usually get from me :)  I promise the blog will get more exciting during April if the mighty publisher in the sky leaves me alone!


  1. This is looking really nice. Can't get enough of the new media! Whatever happened to that outdoor street alley scene from the KickStarter vid?

  2. We have the media safely locked up. We are developing a small story around it and will reveal more stuff when we are dropping in new level designs :)