Monday, 18 March 2013

Monday More

Quiet Acceptance

I have come to the conclusion that while I have a publisher and project manager breathing down my neck, talking about apps that are not Reloaded, I will never be able to string more than few days to develop our masterpiece.  I think this will only happen when the app is actually being submitted and no more changes are allowed by anyone.

I completely understand and support the fact the app has to be perfect. The iOS app store is a ferocious market to sell your app within and we can't half bake anything that goes out.  It's just a pity that my estimate of how long I thought it would take was woefully naive. Still, if you can walk away with a lesson learned, you will always profit, even from really sticky situations.

Ultimate Weekend

My side-line UCCII project which comes to a close very soon hit a few land mines over the weekend, with a host of device and speed issues that really put me in the unusual position of blogging 'in-development' versions rather than a smooth 'presentation-ready' version which I always prefer.  Anyone with a keen eye will spot the breaks in the video where the voice recognition (brought about by a 15 frame per second experience and some internal mystery lag from the Voice SDK) would simply ignore me, so I had to grab the bits that worked.  The good news is we are feature frozen there so it just needs optimising and polishing for GDC next week and this version will carry on to the final submission and then we'll see what everyone things.

More importantly for this blog, of course, is that with the submission of the AGK apps and the conclusion of the coding competition, I will only have one project left on my plate, and you know which one that is :)

More Bang

As they come to me, I upload them for you. Artwork is starting to form around technique ideas, and here is one such glimpse:

I hope to share actual prototype footage before I jet off, but I'm not placing heavy deadlines at this stage to allow creative freedom to reign.  Fear not, deadlines will start to creep in once I am focused on the one target.

Signing Off

I have shifted into the usual "wake at 5PM, work to 5AM and sleep for as long as I can get away with", but I need to do some internal body clock adjusting soon so I am ready to catch an 8AM flight on Sunday and visit England Thursday, which is a 6AM start. It is already 2:30AM so I am going to do 30 minutes on the Reloaded source to get my head back into it, and then see if I can grab an early start on Tuesday.  By that, I mean dinner time :)

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