Friday, 1 March 2013

Friday Night Off

Off The Chain

That's right, after a crunch week, it's time to stop crunching.  Just have to build some final RTF style additions, add In App Purchase Restore, test on three devices, upload them all, test them while they upload and make sure nothing silly crept in.  Apart from all that, I am off the chain.

An Impromptu Gathering

During the week I found an hour to exchange banter with the crew of the Ultimate Coder Challenge, and it seems we're all on the same page as to where we need to be and the potential of the technology in front of us. Bob, of Intel, has kindly edited out the best bits and made a video meddle.

A long way to go, but I think we're all excited about the journey. More on this next Monday!

Signing Off

And that's all folks!  With a little fortune, I will be in the full sized Reloaded seat on Monday.  Of course, I am a realist and the universe will always find things for me to do on projects I call 'finished ;)

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