Friday, 15 March 2013

Friday Fuzziness

The Day After The Night Before

What on earth was I posting last night? Not sure what steak has to do with Reloaded, but we'll put it down to recharging developer batteries :)  Today I have some art for you in the form of a quick video:

This is just the explosion decal graphics. More explosion attributes is due to follow in the weeks to come.

As mark says, with the present FPSC explosion, blink and you'd miss it. With the one we are planning, you can close your eyes in fear, and the extraordinary carnage will still be there when you open them.

The Coding

Normal Friday night coding is making way this evening for the Ultimate Coder Challenge coding session, where I intend to cap off the functionality and get to a place where two users can communicate through the software.

My brain and belly don't feel like coding, and it feels like I've been hollowed out and used as a house boat for six months, but needs must.  For more information on what I get up to this weekend, you can check my sister blog here:

Signing Off

I think I have managed to fix all the AGK app bugs now and we really are days away from submitting them. I can then reveal all so you can download them and see what AGK can do when pushed.  I am confident we will sell hundreds of thousands of units, and it will be a great showcase for the language.  Perhaps the greatest benefit though is the work we had to do in AGK engine to get the app to where it is, which means all AGK developers benefit when we release V108.  Watch these spaces!

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