Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Wednesday Derailed

The Best Laid Plans

I had planned a good four or five hours solid Reloaded work this evening, which was plenty enough time to get the real-time light mapping into the current editor, but I was pulled away for some additional AGK app testing work so that plan pretty much flopped. I should learn not to make plans ;)

A Silver Lining

To keep you in the news and amused, here is a sneak peek at a very very early idea of the kind of detail we want from our explosion decals.

I have commissioned a secret FPSC ally to help me create the ultimate explosion for Reloaded, and together with Mark's keen skills we should have something special for you soon enough.  When we have a demo, you will see it here first!

We have discussed it internally and we're happy that the new FPSC Reloaded explosion will have a minimum of new and improved main blast decals, debris cast from the epicentre using physics for the larger bits, a slow lingering smoke after the initial blast and we're pencilling the concept of a slow burning fire to slowly fade away as the remaining fuel is consumed.  It's not rocket science to add all these as most FPS games have had this for many years now and Reloaded should have no less.

And Further

Once we have the basics in place, and looking awesome, we then turn it up to Eleven with what happens to anything nearby, from shock waves, object and character damage and reactions, scorching, subsequent explosions of nearby flammable objects, shader effects and some real meaty sound effects to finish off the meal.

Signing Off

I will bring you more news on the explosion prototype as it develops, and bring you any new graphics as they emerge.  For now, time to sleep a little before hacking through the daylight duties of testing, building and uploading apps so I can move into the fun part of the evening in my Reloaded bubble.

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