Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Wednesday Wrecking Ball

Is That The Time?

It has been one of those days where you start in the morning (don't ask me how I did that) and look up and it's well past midnight.  Sometimes coding (and probably more likely; testing) absorbs the mind so completely that everything just goes out the window. With no 5PM home-time to put my life in order, these things happens to the independent developer.

As Such, My Small Blog

I won't rabbit on too much as I did promise that my blog would not consist of huge volumes of rant (like my first post), and I will stick to the facts. Cleared all emails quite quickly, finished off the functional part of an AGK app I have been working on (102 hours estimated work done in less than 50 so it actually went quite smoothly). Just needs nice graphics and testing tweaks now, and of course the inevitable iterations.

Where Did The Games Go?

A great question. I have decided to make time to play one new FPS game in working hours on Thursday to keep the Reloaded momentum going through what I shall call my 'backlog month'. I still have the following games shrink-wrapped and ready to explore; COD MW3, Far Cry3, XCOM and HALO4. I was quite a bit miffed HALO 4 was not available on PC, which means I have the hassle of activating my dust covered XBOX 360 to try it out. For this reason it will be excluded from Thursdays short list as I need something I can install while reading emails, then play while letting my brain change gears.

Signing Off

As promised, a short blog. Sorry it's not all excitement and new discoveries but you will find when a 'daily' blog is run, there are often just regular days with not much happening in them. At least Thursday I get to travel to another game universe for a short while and return with stories of high adventure!


  1. No, 32-bit only. It will be written using DBP which produces 32-bit machine code executables.

    1. Ok, but wont the new features use up a TON of memory in the build process?

      What if the build process was split into parts? Would that use less memory? for example:

      1 - Build geometry, export to folder
      2 - Place markers, export to folder
      So it would do a few things, export to folder, etc.

      I probably don't even know what i'm talking about but you get the idea.

  2. Far Cry 3 is greate game Lee, you should take a lot from it and try to implement it to Reloaded. It will be difficult on some parts, but i'm sure everyone will be pleased if you implement some of the Far Cry 3 gameplay elements.

  3. If I keep the current build system I have no doubt I will just add memory usage as I add features. The trick is to dig a small hole in the garden and drop the old FPSC build system in there. Then write a new one :) I think I am secretly leaving Far Cry 3 as the last game I try (I wonder why)!

    1. That's great, I think the old build system is quite outdated.

  4. I'm glad to hear you're going to play COD MW3. I am a huge fan of the COD series, and I have always wished to create games like COD with FPSC. So if you get that same shiver down your spine while playing MW3 (like I did) then hopefully you'll be very interested in adding some COD-like themes and features into Reloaded.

    And lastly, I'd like to say that I enjoy reading your blogs and being able to know what you're up to with this adventure you've embarked on. I'm a huge fan, and I can't wait to see what you and the team can do with Reloaded.