Monday, 14 January 2013

Monday Mornings

Afraid I Missed That One

I did however get confirmation that Dead Space 1 and 2, and Fall Out 3 where winging their way to be as I write this. Exciting times!  I am not sure how much work I can squeeze in between playing all these great games, but I will try my best :)

Other News

I have done more in the AGK project landscape to move those along nicely, specifically the production of a graphics list which would instruct an artist exactly how the asset files should be sized, what format they should be in, what context you would find them and the aspect ratios involved, plus a working prototype from which they can see the asset in action. Quite a comprehensive submission, but essential for the artist to know exactly how their artwork is to be received and interpreted.  Just waiting on these before I can proceed in that area.

Emails Emails

A common ritual for Monday is an extra bulk of emails from the weekend. I usually ignore work related emails and focus on the fun ones, so that Monday can be used to sort out the what I call 9 to 5 emails that require a professional eye and a considered response.  Get an email from me over the weekend and expect the exact opposite half the time :)

Signing Off

Not much to report except regular housework around the TGC stalls, but perhaps more interesting things afoot once I break out a few new FPS games. I have received word of one small (hopefully last) tweak to FPSC V120 and then we can go official on that one. It's been a long time coming, but I think the new version is pretty solid and should keep most users happy until we have Reloaded to replace it.  We will keep the open source access to the source code to keep things free and easy, and well before Christmas we will start to show off some of the Reloaded goodies we have in store for you.


  1. Hey Lee, you should ask Bond1 for his Normal-mapping Shader. That would be a great addition to FPSC:R.

  2. The fact the FPSC is open source is one of its major strengths as developers can add or remove features as they wish and fix any bugs without waiting for official support.
    From what I read I understand FPSC-R will not be open source, mainly due to it being built in a custom version of DBPro. Is the plan to keep reloaded closed source? If not any ideas how long we.would have to wait for the source?

    P.s. It's really nice to read these blogs and get a sneak peak of how tgc works behind the scenes.

  3. TGC Works!?!? ;) My plan is to keep Reloaded closed source while I work on it (easier that way), and then when it is ready I will open up the source code and make available any new version of DBP that I might have used around the same time so you have the same benefit as you are getting with FPSC now. I agree that code access is a nice feature :)

  4. I had always thought that the Dead Space franchise was in 3rd - Person perspective Lee.

    Although you might be buying it for research into the 3rd - person support you *might*
    be implementing into FPSC:R.

    Anyways, they really are good games whatever you require them for.

  5. I watched a game play video of Dead Space and it is 3rd Person. Looks fun though. Has some interesting alien creatures. :)

  6. Yes it was recommended for something else, but it escapes me for the moment. I am sure I will learn much in the first two hours of play.