Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Tuesday And Resisting

Another Day

Yes, another day without Dishonoured and experiencing some withdrawal, but coping by immersing myself in code. I am not a semi-night shift at the moment so my day starts about dinner time, and my first port of call after a few house keeping emails was a conference call with Rick and Paul.

First AGK Meeting Of 2013

It was probably scheduled by Rick for 15 minutes and took more like an hour thanks largely to the fact I started talking and did not stop.  We briefly touched on each major area of AGK including compiler, IDE, engine stability, platforms and the migration of Freedom-Engine.  We have some news on FE which I will share on another day in another blog when we have gathered our plans for you.  I have set an informal date to get all the AGK stuff handed over to Paul by the end of January, so I am completely free to work on Reloaded. No doubt Paul will take one look at the compiler code and simply by staring at it viciously will optimise it 400%.  All AGK users will be pleased about what we have planned in 2013, but best not to spill too many beans lest I stand on one and squash it.

Other AGK Work

I hint in my blogs of working on AGK projects from 2012, and I was doing that for most of today and making good progress. They are not large projects, but thorny and have to be done just so to get them through the validation step.  I will be very surprised if I have not finished both of them by the end of the month. In the meantime I will be amassing my forces for Reloaded.

Reloaded Comments

Thanks also for the comments in the blog posts so far, and keeping them on subject!  It was just my hope that if I rant enough, users will pick up on something I said and agree with the odd idea (odd being the word).  Making sure you can create a 'sneak-em-up' would be one of them, and put strain on the name of the product. Perhaps First Person Sneaker Creator might work, but then we'll be confused with an app to design footwear.  It's only redeeming feature is that we can keep the acronym.

Signing Off

Still have an hour or so of coding, then I am going to see if I can manage to move my night-shift back into day-shift somewhat. Still, day or night, my coding is largely unaffected, it's just my body clock that does not know whether to eat, sleep or think.  Catch you Wednesday!


  1. Or, could be called Sneaky First Person Creator? :)

    I read in yesterdays comment about looking at a 3rd Person game. I can't remember if you were planning on having 3rd person capability.

    Body Clock? What's that? Actually I do my best work late at night and through the wee hours of the morning. Of course, you work with others who probably keep human hours (Rick, Paul). :)

    At first, I thought you were going to say that when Paul first looks at the compiler code for AGK, he will probably have to be committed.

    I really don't feel I'm keeping on topic and yet, I feel like I must be since I'm commenting on your blog. :LOL:

  2. You said, . . . body clock that does not know whether to eat, sleep or think.

    Well, at least you still know when to drink.

  3. Never had a problem with that ;)