Thursday, 17 January 2013

Thursday Purchase

Another Day

And another recommendation for an FPS game to buy, this time from a member of the TGC team; Borderlands 2. Apparently this one really takes the art of customising weapons to a whole new playground, and keeps the player in a constant change of subtle weapon refinements all the way through the game play. Now that is the kind of thing I want to see, and adopt for Reloaded down the line. Not quite a 'weapons maker' add-on, but certainly the ability to drop weapons down, tweak their attributes from the editor (not through NotePad and luck) and then maybe even in the game allow the attribute tweaks through scripts and some simple collectables too.  I ordered through as they where £8 cheaper than Amazon so that will be winging it's way to me as I type this :)

Day Start

As usual my day started just shy of 2PM, and with Dave back in the team from his super extended vacation, I can begin the process of handing over some of my AGK project work over to him, freeing even more time for me to play FPS games (er, that is, develop the awesome Reloaded product).  I have pretty much dedicated January to clearing backlog and preparing my brain for pure Reloaded coding, and hopefully by the 1st Feb I will have nothing to do except code coll and exciting prototype modules that can bolt into place at the appointed hour. I can't wait to start, and look forward to blogging some real substance in the months to come.

The Snow Storm

Apparently there is a big big snow storm heading for the UK shores, and apparently it's going to be something to be concerned about. I just sold my 4x4 (almost) which means I will be without the exact set of wheels one needs to survive such an event.  My plan is to hide here until it blows over and then emerge once it is all over and then decide whether I need another 4x4, or whether I can get away with two wheel drive. It's sods law that for the entire time I owned it, there was no sight of snow, and almost to the day I don't own it any more, the snow arrives. Typical.

Signing Off

I know this is an early blog, and I know that you know that my day has only really just begun. I have some serious hand-over coding and communicating to do this evening, plus eat, plus get stuck into some AGK project tinkering but mainly break out another FPS game and get an hour in before they start to pile up too high.  When they say a career in the games industry is akin to playing games all day, I am beginning to feel like they have a point. Apparently our newly returned Dave has already played every game mentioned in my blog, so maybe it's a given that game coders play games all the time, and I have somehow missed the point all these years.  Still, I can always catch-up :)


  1. Borderland is a fantastic FPS and if Reloaded can get anywhere near that level of gameplay that would be awesome!!

  2. how about battlefield 3 ? there are some nice mechanics to consider.(i think)

  3. Just found this too - very awesome!

  4. Ouch, now that's something to behold. I will wait after the pre-order phase as I have plenty of stuff to play, and see if the actual game play matches the mini-movies :)

  5. This is all making me want to play more FPS games, rather than doing an real work.

  6. They say life is about striking a balance. They don't say how one goes about it ;)

  7. Dave, I know what you mean. I just ordered Borderlands.

    Another thing they say, "that theory is when you know everything but nothing works and that practice is when everything works but you don't know why."

    Well, it seems for me, theory and practice are always combined: nothing works and I don't know why.