Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Wednesday Take Two

After Tuesday

After the blog on Tuesday  I carried on and did quite a bit of work on one of my AGK projects to the point of finishing and distributing a completely functional alpha version. No small achievement.

And Today

On the same role, I compiled and released what might indeed be the final FPS V120 version (BETA9), but this evening got a few emails along the lines that the version was not quite exactly 100% of the way there with what has been described as player wobble. I have yet to see this, but there are suggestions that it is there, in the knees of our would-be FPSC hero.  Still need it to be reproducible before we can act, and hopefully that can happen eventually. It is likely related to machine speed rather than anything else, which often explains two different experiences from you would assume the same piece of code.  The adventure of the wobbling player continues...

A New Competition

It's very early days yet, and I may still not be entering it, but there is a chance I will be running TWO blogs over the next few months as I participate in a 'blogged competition'. The great news is that it directly relates and feeds into the Reloaded project which means at the start of the competition you will probably see more Reloaded development in one week than you have seen so far from this entire blog series.  I will of course mention the links to the other blog, and cross-blog from time to time so you are not left in the dark too much. I will try not to make blogging my full time job!

Signing Off

It's charging up to about 2AM and quite early for me still, with a plan to crank out a quick prototype for a meeting tomorrow. Hopefully it won't take me long, and then I can 'maybe' install one of the new FPS games, leering at me from the window ledge.  I have been assured Dead Space is NOT an FPS game so I may as well get it out the way and give it an hour's play. I will let you know what I got up to.

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