Saturday, 12 January 2013

Saturday And Still Standing

Day One Continued

Just a quick report to confirm I did make it to the end of Saturday!  I nearly nodded off around dinner time, but switched the heater off and left the house into the freezing Welsh winds.  Fixed a towing bracket, changed some license plates, sorted out an attic inside, put up two chipboard walls with severely inadequate tools. Had a lovely steak meal.  It is now 12:30AM (basically Saturday just gone midnight), which puts my vertical hours tally to 33 hours and climbing.  I could probably sleep now.


I did mention that bit about second wind, and the thing about this second wind is that because your body clock says you work from 9PM to 3AM, that is exactly what it wants to do right now. Crazy I know. I have made a cuppa and have decided to play some C&C and Dishonoured to fill the gap where work might creep in.

Signing Off

Will probably not blog Sunday due to extended sleeping, but catch up with antics on Monday when I shall be setting out my initial plans for graphics work for Reloaded, and working out which part of the massive source code to tackle first (amongst other projects of course).  Until then, good night!!

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