Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Wednesday Day Shift

A 9 to 5 Day

Well my plan worked, mostly. After gluing Monday and Tuesday together, I managed to get up today at 3AM.  Took four hours to get out of bed, but managed to wrangle a normal day shift. It's now 2PM and have another four hours to go, with plenty of little tasks to keep me busy.

We Have Art

While I have been tinkering with Reloaded research and prototypes, our Reloaded artist Mark Blosser has been working on a series of weapons for the new product.  I can reveal a sneak peek at one of them now, the Uzi, within an FPSC classic level. Notice the reflections on the metal and the high quality arm and hand graphics when you reload. While I play with occlusion, Mark is working on small enhancements to this weapon to include accuracy cursor and additional animations that come into play based on what the player is doing. More on this in the next art video. In the meantime, here is the sneak peek video:

More Videos

Rather than produce a video of the P002 in it's current form, I am going to get it closer to finished first so you can see what occlusion is all about. In the meantime I will see what I can do about raiding the art chest and getting more sneak peeks to you, as we all love a bit of eye candy from time to time.

Signing Off

I was going to do a little P002 today, but I only have enough time (due to logging off at 6PM) to work on a new UK retail product release of Dark Game Studio and make sure the master does not explode when it hits a DVD drive.  Still, maybe it won't take four hours and I will find time to add the top and bottom clipping planes before my time is up.


  1. Looks nice.
    I hope you'll be back completely to your normal day shift.

    Looking forward to the next video.

  2. Wow, even in FPSC-C the hands look very realistic. A lot of detail. I like the muzzle flash as well. More subtle that the big decals.

  3. Really enjoying these, although much of the technical details are way over my head. Working for yourself is worse than working for a boss. BTW - had a giggle at one of the previous game-playing posts - we don't have jungles in South Africa ;)

  4. That's the great thing about my job. I can put a jungle anywhere I want and get away with it :) For tax reasons though, from April 2013, they will all be British jungles with a brass band marching through the centre waving Union jacks and singing the national anthem.

  5. Will hands and head (camera) moving more in finished version? I think it looks slightly robotic now when you're shooting.

  6. I've played a few modern FPS games now and there is quite a variety of styles to choose from when it comes to what I call camera wobble. I will pin down a few favourites and then add modifier percentages to them, so you can control precisely how much 'wobble' you want from your player (up, down, left, right, twist, loll, e.t.c).