Friday, 4 January 2013

Friday Far Far Away

Fun Friday

You might think Friday would be a day for winding down, finishing off things which would be completely forgotten by Monday, and you would be right 99% of the time. Welcome to the other 1%.

My Friday started about 3PM when conciousness broke my perfectly good dream about ducks, chickens and other small animals that I seemed to have to keep in one room. Very strange (and the best place to find game ideas).

I also had the relatives visiting from afar and so a new balancing act ensued between being socially acceptable and getting the days work done. Of course the trick to this is to hide away for as long as possible, nod a lot when a head appears around a door and choose tasks that don't take too much mind-power. Remembering a variable location, purpose and idiosyncratic nature while talking about how the new years party went is not an ideal juxtaposition for me, and so nodding blankly while remembering the facts of the moment was the best I could do.

Inbox Done

I always attempt to tame my inbox as it's the sort of creature that can wreck an ordered mind in less than 48 hours, so the first, last and frequent order of the day is to keep the email in check.  This I managed.  Not sure if I mentioned but I also uploaded the latest beta for the V108 which includes such wonderful new commands as memblocks and some more key fixes. it won't be the last beta but should move users forward who are brave enough to try our betas!

A Promise

I also agreed to deliver a set of binaries for a client by the end of business Friday, and as my business day does not finish until 11:59 I was on a mission to get the latest fixes tested and new versions of my AGK project fired away. As I write this, I have just confirmed the Android fixes from Paul and ensured the latest AGK build works smoothly. I am now going to test the Windows version and then make up new cross-platform versions and get those uploaded to conclude the business stuff of the week.

So What About Reloaded?

Well I tried to list a car for sale on eBay and it rejected my advert (critic!) and played Dishonoured for three hours again last night (if that counts). Unless I work past midnight, there will be no FPSC related work done. The only minor exception is that I added Entity Maker V1.1 to the next FPSC beta build which will wholley improve the way you can build entities with the current version. I completely forgot I made five video tutorials for this, and so it was great to watch again. The next FPSC beta will have this new zip in the tools folder so check it out the next time you see the version announcement in the forum hot links bar (that is, if Rick does not delete my entries this time).

Signing Off

As the weekend beckons, I am pleased with the week just gone. Even though it was only really half a week, I've managed to tame my backlog, sort out some key distributions (FPSC, AGK, AGK project A, and a design brief for AGK project B). I've also got a really good grip on the minimum expectation of a modern 2013 FPS game, which is perhaps the biggest take-away from this week. I am tempted to place 'Dishonoured' as the best 'thief/assassin' game I've played to date (sneaking around the Doctors mansion in level four was a real pleasure). My prediction for next week is some serious project in on AGK project D and some key groundwork for the new FPSC Reloaded rendering solution, which will pretty much define how the construction phase will go. Should be a fun week of blogs next week!  See you then and have a great weekend!!

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