Monday, 7 January 2013

Monday Playtime Over

Putting My Toys Away

In order to ensure that enough hours are spent on actual development rather than 'research' I have put Dishonoured back in it's box. It is an amazing game and pretty much trumps Thief and Assassins Creed for the immersive stealth experience. So much so I was starting to get wrapped up in the universe it created for me. It is now put away, and I will return to it only when all the other games have been played and my research is complete.

I would not be surprised at all if Reloaded was able to create a stealth game at the end of this development, and I would be proud to see that. There are a LOT of subtle things that make a great sneak-em-up, and far too many for such a short development available to me, but I would like to add a few ideas in before we box up the product for sale.

FPS Creator Land

I often call my various areas of work 'lands', so I know mentally where my body is at any moment. I could be in FPSC land, or AGK land, or DBP land, or AGK APP land or TGC land. My plates are scattered far and wide.

I was in FPSC land today to build, test and release a new beta for the FPSC V120 update which solves more community reported issues and also further refines the lift scripts, thanks to Flatlander from the FPSC forums.  It does not help when the internet stops working at 94% but these things are sent to try us, and it was easily enough to resume 5 minutes later from 1%.

It is vital that we get V120 finished and released officially before any coding work can begin on Reloaded as I don't want to start from a bugged code base and if they are to be fixed, best they are available before I lock myself away to start coding Reloaded.  With Beta 8, we are hopefully very close to that moment.

AGK Land

I also spent a brief time in AGK land fixing a small Compiler Windows XP bug and built a few fixes from Paul into the new V108 Beta 8 (funny how they are both the same beta number). Providing there are no more internet interruptions, I should be able to post and tweet that one before midnight.

Signing Off

Back in TGC Land, I have a few emails an hour trickling in on week days so I am never far from the centre of things. My work today is finishing off some backlog AGK work from 2012, and once that is done and the V120 version released, I expect to be able to report some cool new FPSC code for Reloaded. Until then..see you Tuesday!

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