Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Some Great New Sample Levels Joining The Build

Another great day of fixes, and following on from a 15 hour day yesterday I only had a handful of issues left to deal with before the next big build, which mainly includes taking new assets, testing them and adding them to the core asset collection to be part of the installer, and including the new (very cool) levels that will be provided as samples for new Reloaded users, and example shots provided below as a taste of what is to come.

One tip suggested by Rick to share is that when you lightmap your scenes, and have a dynamic shadow such an animating tree casting on the floor, and your entity is not being shadowed that sits under the tree, make sure you set the Entity Shader Technique to HIGHEST as this is the only one which supports shadow-shading.


  1. That's looking incredible .... Cant Wait :)

  2. these levels look really good indeed.

  3. Man, those shadows looks better than the last build from a few months ago. You gone this far Lee, I am impressed. It got to Call of Juarez 1 level of quality right now.