Thursday, 8 January 2015

Coding To TV Theme Tunes

Having listened to the theme tune to Morse over the last two days, I decided to start listening to a collection of 50 TV theme tunes on YouTube, I continued to plug away, defeating all manner of high priority nasties from the ever-trying-to-grow-larger list of tweaks and fixes needed to make a solid piece of software, and doing quite well at it according to Wrike, our new project management software which gave my a scare earlier today when it refused to bring up my daily list of tasks for a good few minutes past 9AM.

It is quite rewarding to stick to existing functionality rather than invent new stuff to pile onto the creation, as it means I get more time to actually use what already exists, and iron out those rough edges that I have taken for granted but would be a jarring experience for any new user, which I am concluding would be the majority of Steam users coming to the product, and I can report a warm fussy feeling as the product becomes rounded every day I sit down to work on it :)


  1. I'm looking forward to the next release. Still playing with the last batch of changes. Learning new stuff every day. Thanks for giving me the tools to keep making my games.

  2. Hey Lee version 1.09 is unbelievable thank you for dedication. Also is there a soft release time frame for the Zombie Pack? Please keep up the great work and continue to amaze me with every release.

    1. I can say we're looking at some model corruption issues at the start of next week and work on scripts and overall shape are going well. Definitely on the list to get that one out as soon as is practical, and a priority has been given to completing the remaining tasks. Fingers crossed.

  3. Lee, when I am designing something or developing with Reloaded, I like to listen to an online radio station called Cinemix. It's all the classical scores from films. You get some nice relaxing music and some really epic fight scenes blasting through your headphones. You should try that!

  4. If you're a Doctor Who fan at all, I'd highly recommend listening to all ten soundtracks from the revived era. Especially the "specials". Has a lot of pieces that will make coding Reloaded feel like incredible victory. Especially this piece!

  5. Lol, coding in silence can be a bit much after awhile. Far better to put some tunes on in the background as you go.

  6. I ALWAYS listen to music whilst programming. I have about 66 playlists at the moment, with anything from ELO to Coldplay to Mike Oldfield to ABBA :)

    The only issue is that after programming for years with the same songs, I tend to end up spending more time singing the songs than concentrating on programming :P