Monday, 19 January 2015

2015 - Week Three

With base line multiplayer sessions in the main IDE, finalized performance and visual settings abd a dwindling list of priority tasks, all that really remains is the Character Kit and Workshop functionality to be introduced, which are the goals for this week, and with a strategy meeting thrown in the week has been reduced by a fifth, but I am also skipping the Pool knock-out Wednesday night which gives me half a day back so all in all should be a good productive week.

Also tackled some left-over nags regarding the Zombie support in the engine with fixes to the ability for them to walk OVER dead zombies, use whole body detection (instead of half body shooting bug) and the last one which was the random vertex corrupt which turned out to be a head reset feature which the Zombies have no use for, and I wanted to post a second picture of something you do not see every day (not that you see Zombies every day), is our total dominance of the Android Educational Chart, perhaps the dream of every app developer and all thanks to the power and awesomeness of App Game Kit 2 now available on Steam (blatant plug):


  1. Lee, I have a bug in FPSC Reloaded, Normally I would post it in the forums under bug reports as I know I should but I haven't seen anybody else reporting it and since your the big cheese I thought I'd let you know. Everytime I save all the entities placed on the map after the last successful save disappear. It has completely halted my game progress. I've tried saving each version as a new map but to no avail.

  2. @John Billington.
    It has been reported with various work around's till its fixed.......
    Have tried many without success but I found my own fix works best.....Delete the Visuals.ini and reload your map.....It should put it all back....If it happens again just repeat the process......Not ideal but it will keep you building :)