Monday, 26 January 2015

Content And Sample Game Levels

With the bulk of the 'functionality' work concluded last week, this week, the third since the start of 2015 will be about adding content, game samples and testing everything as we layer on the final fixes and polish before a major build for some serious testing during February.

Many of the sample levels created for us by third parties either through competitions or directly as a contribution sometimes dipped into legacy or custom content, and so we are painstakingly bringing those into the core asset library, renaming them, putting them in the correct category folder and using a cool new hack I created, the old levels can be instructed through a .REPLACE feature, to swap in the location of the new entity to replace the old one, avoiding the need for the level artist to have to go in and manually replace anything, which I thought was a very nice time saver (and sanity saver).


  1. That is a great addition. Thank you.

  2. Hey Lee Great work. Nice to see it coming along nicely. It's been a while since we last spoke and i was considering doing my next project in dbpro i was wondering if any of the work or advances you made for reloaded has made its way to libs in dbpro or the ide.
    Also what are your suggestions for a level editor for dbpro stuff? Thxs

  3. three HURRA' for the .REPLACE trick code !!!!