Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Games Day - Three Done, Two Nearly There, More To Come

In addition to the various fixes afforded today, I took a serious look at the game levels we will be bundling with the core product and after I got the light-mapper to work again, the speed of the games where pretty good and I had a lot of fun running around as a player rather than a fixer, and aside from some AI and Performance tuning I think we're on our way to creating a great game play experience.

Also participated in a multi-player test this afternoon which successfully uploaded a new level to the Steam Workshop, hosted that game, joiners informed through the software that they need to subscribe to the item, which was then downloaded locally for them, and the game could be connected and run, complete with custom content in an encrypted package to protect the artists assets, and once again I see this as being one of the most fun and engaging features of the product, despite it being one of the last things we elected to add.


  1. Character AI needs A LOT of improvement in my opinion. Also the characters need a much greater repertoire of animations.

    1. Agreed! I've been saying this forever. That being said check out smallg's, on the forums, amazing cover script which creates a much more realistic battle. It shows how much better the AI can be with a little scripting.

    2. Can you send me a link to the 'smallg better AI', thanks!

    3. Sure Lee here it is: