Tuesday, 6 January 2015

IDE Stability And Shadow Flicker Fixed

I've been informed that my comment about finishing in two months was a little erroneous in that it gave them impression that I would have the 'entire' product finished in two months, when in fact my intent was simply to highlight that I will have a stable early access build ready for a Steam launch at that time, and the final product will in reality be a work in progress as we continue to add features to the game maker.

Been trialing a new project management system over the last two days called Wrike which has proved to be very efficient at making me efficient, and as a result quite a lot of naggy little issues have already been eliminated from the engine making the internal build I have right now very cool, and it has been suggested that an early internal build can be made to our internal alpha testers in the not too distant future, lucky fellows!


  1. WHAT! You mean you WON'T be hooking yourself up to a feeding tube, and sitting in the upright position for 2 months straight?

    I feel so let down now......

    But seriously; I think many of us had figured what you meant. Still; always good to clarify things.

  2. I think people understood Lee,at least i hope so.

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  4. Having only two sentences for a blog seems a little, I don't know, forced? Just express yourself as you would, while still maintaining a brief blog. It would feel a lot more natural, at least in my opinion. Either way, the increased focus of FPSCR will definitely pay off.