Monday, 5 January 2015

First Official TGC Day Of 2015

Happy New Year fellow game creators, I will be spending the next two months in the deepest darkest cave I can find to finish the Reloaded project you've been following for the best part of two years now, and in order to do that I am redirecting all energies to a single point of focus to ensure I deliver. 

To this end my daily blog will be condensed into two sentences only (plus optional screenshot or video) to re-enforce my laser-like focus on the goal and to keep you informed about the project all be it in a highly compressed and efficient manner until such time as I can return to the surface and the sunshine and join you again in the wonderful world of game creation.


  1. Don't you think 2 months is unrealistic to finish the package? Hopefully, we'll have a bare-bones application by then that we can start using to create the bare bones of our projects, but I was envisaging the Reloaded project taking another year to get rounded off.

  2. Sounds good to me Lee,good luck.

  3. Hope you got good rest, looks like your about to work your tail off. Thanks in advance.

  4. This is slightly disappointing. I was looking forward to more detailed posts about the technology and Lee's thoughts on the rendering engine. I appreciate the product is aimed at people who don't necessarily have a technical background or interest but this blog is the ideal place to discuss those areas and I will miss that aspect.

    I think getting Reloaded v1.0 out the door and onto Steam in 2 months is a good target and the latest BETA has made good strides towards that. I think AI should be a real focus so we can have interesting battles indoors and outdoors with enemies able to climb stairs / ladders and such. I'm also itching to have a look at the new multiplayer which could be the big win here.

  5. I'm also slightly concerned about the lighting system still. I mean if you compare this shot taken from a bog standard, out of the box FPSC level:

    To a level created by a bog standard, out of the box FPSCR:

    You can see that the lighting is considerably better in one than the other. Ok the resolution is much improved and the ambient occlusion and better shaders pay dividends in the FPSCR shot, but simple things like good, high quality shadows being cast by the supply drop are missing.

    1. I stand corrected on this. Turns out my light was dynamic.


  6. With the accelerated timeline of getting v1.0 out the door, will you be putting out alpha builds to all backers more routinely? That's probably the fastest way to collect and resolve as many bugs as possible in ways that the small internal test team cannot match. It seems like a gigantic undertaking to complete all that is required within two months especially in regard to AI, Interior Scenes, Construction Kit and beyond. Good luck, I still love the dirty technical details from your blog but understand if that takes up too much time to post each day.