Wednesday, 14 January 2015

All But One

Great day today, and solved a nightmare of a bug which had the power to wipe out whole chunks of level entities at a single stroke, so that will be in an emergency build going out to the internal alpha testers this evening, and my last item from the current urgent list is the issue of the LOWEST shadows looking rather crude, and I have a sneaky suspicion the shadow textures have been using debug 256x256 render targets all this time, instead of the intended 2048x2048 ones!

Apart from that, the software is looking very well with more progress on the skin tone part of the Character Kit (all asset generation right now) and the multiplayer hook which can now take advantage of the Workshop system on Steam so hopefully Thursday will see another rush of completed items and move us ever closer that stable solid release we are aiming for by the end of January.


  1. Have you considered diverting some manpower from the Mutiplayer feature (which is a desirable but not essential feature at this stage) to the Construction Kit (which will play an essential part in realising the visions of many of your Pledgers)? We can all tackle multiplayer later: when our URBAN/rural levels are complete but right now where do us urbanites have to work with? I think the urban stuff you've made possible is brilliant! But it's frustrating that I can't start on my urban vision yet.

    1. I meant the rural stuff is brilliant!

  2. Lee, we really need the zombies and multilevel support, I can't wait to make a full game :)

  3. Multi level support is here already. Zombies better be soon! ;)