Thursday, 13 November 2014

Sitting A Top My Mountain Of Happy Bugs

Getting early reports of performance issues with modes I don't test as much such as HIGHEST and non light mapped levels, so spending some time running and analyzing those tests today. Also solving the shadow issue, which seems to be rendering shadows in the background even though they are not needed. All these themed things should mean I can increase the performance for the next build, and of course fix some key bugs along the way.  The thinking is that I should refrain from releasing any more builds for the testers until a large chunk of the existing list is done.  

Right now I am working on an issue which causes the physics system to jump from 15% to 30% of run-time performance when I blow up a barrel. I suspect the physics debris that get created from this explosion do not exactly settle and deactivate once the dust settles.  Right now my Escape level starts at 65 fps which means performance progress has been made, with some more to come!

Sorry for the lack of blog matter yesterday, had a 'personal day' to go play snooker and pool ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT.  Was great fun, and I performed well in the league game that evening, still some small errors in my overall game, but certainly picking up from where I left off a few years ago :)  Not much of a life, but they say a change is as good as a rest, and there is something very relaxing about mastering the art of potting balls.


  1. League Snooker, takes me back. Do they still have a sarnie round or is that a thing of the past?

  2. Yes sarnies at the end of the single games and before the doubles :)

  3. Some things don't change then, lol.