Monday, 10 November 2014


With the main features added for our V1.009 public build, the time has now come to go through EVERYTHING and make sure it's solid for a general release. To this end we have recruited a dozen die-hard uber critical alpha testers to put the current build through it's paces and hammer it into something near-indestructible.  Could take anything from 1 week to several weeks, depending on the feedback, but it's time well spent and means you will not have to go through the nightmare hell that we'll be putting our alpha testers through in the coming days.

We released the alpha internal build over the weekend and the private forum started filling up fast with feedback.  I also spent some time testing over the weekend and produced a rather messy level for my own amusement.  Had a great time creating crates dynamically in F9 mode, but my graphics card was not really up to the task of rendering everything in HIGHEST mode.  I was planning to play more of my Thief game (latest one), but again my card was not up to the job of rendering at a decent frame rate (as I had replaced it months ago with my current older model to get a more honest result during my own development tests).

I have itemized all the feedback and with 55 issues to look through, my week is pretty packed and I am looking forward to knocking them off the list one at a time :)  Hopefully my alpha troop will continue to produce feedback on the builds as they appear, and before too long we'll have a candidate worthy of your inspection.  Blog posts might be thin on the ground as we do this (as no new features), but if anything news worthy happens I will be sure to record it here!


  1. I will miss the blog posts. If you need a new recruit for your alpha team, I'm up for it.

  2. question is the tri planar in and melee? i know the custom character part is in. so that is good, also with character creator can we implement our own extra fittings, like a hooded robe etc just wondering :)

    1. AFAIK tri-planar texturing has been in for a little while now.