Friday, 14 November 2014

Great Bug Fixing Day

While waiting for a series of test compiles, I figured I would sort out todays blog a little earlier to give me some more free time for the evening.  Bug fixing has gone very well so far with no less than 14 bugs fixed and 2 marked down as not reproducible.

Work done to improve performance is holding and the test game and standalone executables are running faster than ever before (for me at least).  More work required on performance so it works for many different systems, but things are heading in the right direction.

As you can see in the shot above, borders for water bodies have been increased to allow characters to completely avoid the steep drop and falling into the water. Currently looking at a bug that causes some of the sky to disappear in standalone mode, which is actually a symptom of a new fog sky technique which works by fogging only the distant horizon but not the higher and closer sky.

As the fog distance controls the degree of this effect, it acts more like real atmospheric fog than a blanket dimming of the sky as a whole.  Anyhoo, plenty of bugs left and plenty time to fix them in, so I will carry on and for the time being have a great weekend and next week I will reveal more fixes and shots from the V1.009 candidate builds!


  1. Sounds great! One question...How will the new fog system effect the skyboxes I created with Mountains and City backdrops? Should I start reworking them now?

    1. I can't imagine why you would need to. Maybe adjust the fog parameters in any levels you have?

  2. Best to wait for V1.009 and check what they look like then :)

  3. Can we get it to where we can specify absolutely no light at all? Right now, if you turn all lights down to zero, the skybox still glows with a mysterious phtanom light.

  4. I think the new fog system looks damn real! Eventually in real life when you're into not heavy fog, you can look up and see the night sky. Great job man!

  5. What about a demonstration video of how the newest version of Conkit works before 1.009 is released?