Tuesday, 11 November 2014

12 More Bottles Less (On The Wall)

You can say goodbye to 12 more bottles from the wall, as the bug list for the V1.009 gets reduced by a few more lines.

Also gained some more performance by reverting the masked solider to the correct mesh (3 meshes instead of over 30) and also removed all vertex data write calls and replace with a nifty shader that can animate internally:

vertexOutput mainVS(appdata IN)   
    vertexOutput OUT;
    float4 worldSpacePos = mul(IN.Position, World);
    OUT.WPos =   worldSpacePos;   
    OUT.Position = mul(IN.Position, WorldViewProjection);
    OUT.atlasUV = IN.UV + UVScaling.xy;
    float4 cameraPos = mul( worldSpacePos, View );
    float fogstrength = cameraPos.z * FogColor.w;
    OUT.WaterFog = min(fogstrength,1.0);
    OUT.clip = dot(worldSpacePos, clipPlane);                         return OUT;


Almost all the triple AAA issues solved, those remaining require more info from the internal alpha testers.  My next attack will be on the double AA's which are key fixes but not as urgent as those pesky AAA ones.

It's quite a good feeling to finish the day with lots of DONE items on the list, and I hope to repeat it real soon. For now, I will jog off and prepare a new build for the internal alpha testers while listening to the best C64 tracks from Jeroen Tel, a SID legend :)