Friday, 21 November 2014

App Game Kit 2....IS ON STEAM!!!

I am keeping todays blog short and sweet. Aside from some good fixes, and some more work later this evening to make a build for the alpha testers, and a hell of a battle with converting multi material entities to regular ones for the light mapping process, the MASSIVE news today is the launch of our App Game Kit 2 product on Steam:

App Game Kit 2: Easy + Instant Game Development

If it's within your power, please help us promote this and spread the word so we can make a Steam splash!  If you think there is something my team or I can do to further our success with this launch, comment here and I'll be all over it. The official steam page is here:

I will be doing more Reloaded work over the weekend as well as keeping half an eye on the AGK2 release, so fingers crossed everyone for the next 24 hours :) We should learn a LOT from this launch, and have a great template for our second major product, Reloaded, early next year!  Until then, have fun exploring App Game Kit 2 and have a super weekend!!

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