Wednesday, 26 November 2014

More Light More Progress

More work continued on the lightmapper today.  Multi-materials finally dealt with, and working across all the samples I threw at it.

I also tried out lots of buildings from the City Pack available from the game creator store and that worked a treat too.

The major bulk of today's work however was slicing up the lightmap process so it could update the rest of the app while it was working. This allowed me to create a nice progress bar to show what is going on when large scenes are being lit and a long waiting time is expected.

It took all day, but I am glad it's in now as this feature has been requested by pretty much all the alpha testers and having figured a way around the difficulties it's done and dusted now :)  Next on my list are a sequence of smaller issues but high priority, and then I can look at a new internal build for the alpha testers this week. Looking stronger every day!


  1. (Looking stronger every day!)I like the sound of that .

  2. Can't wait for the next release to come out. If all the progress that has been made to the engine is an indication of what to come then unity and the others should be scared.